A summary of some principal Rules of Golf. In case of doubt, refer to the complete Rules published by the United States Golf Association and R & A Rules Limited. The numbers in parentheses indicate the applicable Rules numbers.



Don’t move, talk or stand too close to a player making a stroke.

Don’t step on another player’s line of putt.

Always play without delay and keep up with the group in front.

Don’t play until the group in front is out of the way.

Shout a warning if your ball may hit someone.

Invite faster groups to play through.

Repair divot holes and ball-marks. Smooth footprints in bunkers.

Don’t drop clubs on the putting green or lean on your putter.

Replace the flagstick carefully in an upright position.

In the case of a serious breach of etiquette, the Committee has the authority to disqualify a player.

Leave the course in the condition in which you would like to find it.

When entering and exiting bunkers, always do so on the low side away from the green.
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Put an identification mark on your ball. If you can’t identify it as yours, it’s lost. If your ball becomes unfit for play, you may replace it, without penalty, on the hole where it becomes unfit or between holes.

Count your clubs. You are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs (4-4).

Don’t use an artificial device or unusual equipment or use equipment in an unusual manner for gauging or measuring distance or conditions, or to give artificial aid in gripping (14-3).

Don’t ask for advice from anyone except your partner or your caddie. Don’t give advice to anyone except your partner (8-1).

During a hole you may practice swing, but not make a practice stroke. Between holes you may practice chip and putt on or near the putting green of the hole last played or the tee of the next hole, but not from a hazard (7-2).

Play without delay (6-7).