Let me tell you how Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour and the CGSA prepared me to play collegiate golf. First and foremost was the experience of playing in the 36 hole tournaments that we’re run like and felt like professional tournaments. Secondly, the professionalism and warmth of the Cologne Family and their concern for the player yet ability to hold you accountable to teach you the lessons now rather than later in your career. The courses they have for you to play are outstanding,challenging and test you and your abilities. The CGSA is invaluable in getting you out there and connecting with colleges and coaches. The player profile is viewed by many coaches and you can update it actively. I always have been confident in my ability to play at the college but without the RMJGT and CGSA and the Cologne family I am not sure if it would have happened. I have verbally committed to Southern Arkansas University and Coach James Robertson for the fall of 2015. Much of the thanks go to my family in supporting me over the years but Tracy,Vince and family have my endless appreciation in helping take my game to the next level.
Evan Buchalski