We realize how exciting and nerve-racking competitive sports can be for players, as well as family and friends. We encourage all spectators to support their players by coming to watch our events. We, the staff of the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour, work solely for the players. Our belief is that our players will gain more independence, confidence and integrity from handling all aspects of competition themselves. This will help to enhance their experiences on and off of the golf course. Players will be assessed penalties for breaches by their spectators. We would appreciate if you would respect this.

General Conduct:

Your child is attempting to play at a national level and spectators will be held to a high standard at all RMJGT events. Please be aware that coaching of any player, on the golf course, is not allowed. Quietly follow players and keep emotions to a minimum.

Dress Code:

All RMJGT spectators are expected to dress appropriately at the host facility. Blue jeans, tank tops, short shorts, flip flops, and other casual attire should not be worn on the golf course.

Communication with RMJGT Participants:

Spectators may interact with players in the event of a health reason and handing them sunscreen, food, and beverage only.

Rules Officials:

Rules officials will be scattered throughout the golf course to assist players in need of rulings, to monitor pace of play, and for emergency situations. Players and spectators should notify a rules official when a situation arises on the golf course.
Spectators should respect a rules situation. All spectators are asked to stay 25 yards away and not to be involved in the conversation. A spectator will be brought into a situation only if asked by the official.
Spectators should not confront Officials. If a spectator has a question, or information, for an Official it should be done away from the players and in a calmly manner
All spectators must follow players from a distance (at least 25 yards) and stay in the rough or on the cart paths. Spectators should NOT be in the fairways.
Always stay to the side of the action and remain calm and quiet.
Please keep up with your group.
Move forward to the putting green when all shots have been completed.
Spectators must never be on the putting surface and should observe the putting green from a reasonable distance that will not interfere with the competitors.
Looking for Balls – As a spectator please help spot balls for all participants. This is a practice that helps our pace of play and is highly encouraged by all spectators. Please keep in mind the five minute rule.

Spectator Cart Policy:

The RMJGT takes this policy very seriously and any breach will result in the spectator cart being taken away)
Carts may be rented by spectators based on course availability -2 Per Group
Spectator carts are required to stay on the cart path at ALL times. If the golf course doesn’t have cart paths then the cart must stay in the rough at all times.
A maximum of two carts will be allowed per group. This is to ensure each group has the opportunity to purchase a spectator cart (based on availability).
Carts may only move forward on the golf course (from tee to green) except in case of a weather evacuation. Carts may not move while competitors are playing a stroke
Only 2 people per cart are allowed except during evacuation.
Spectator carts will NOT be used for shuttling of players from green to tee. Penalty will be 2 shots per occurence for the player.
Spectator’s carts will be used to assist with evacuation of players and spectators and may leave the cart path as necessary during an evacuation. In the event that we need to evacuate the course, spectators who have a cart are encouraged to pick up as many juniors as possible to ensure quick safety.
Spectator carts may carry water for players but no golf equipment and may also carry any other spectator’s items such as umbrellas etc..

Scoring Area:

Parents/Spectators shall remain on the outside of the roped area as players are confirming and recording their scores. Only RMJGT staff and players will be allowed within the roped area. Please refrain from conversation with the players.