Player of the Year Points

You can only earn Player of the Year points if you are a current RMJT member.

1st Place – 3500 pts.
2nd Place –  3000 pts.
3rd Place – 2500 pts.
4th Place – 2000 pts.
5th Place –  1500 pts.
6th Place – 1400 pts.
7th Place – 1300 pts.
8th Place – 1200 pts.
9th Place – 1100 pts.
10th Place – 1000 pts.

Global Junior Golf Rankings

Events from our schedule by Global Junior Golf Rankings if they meet a minimum of 5 players per division. These events may be one or two day events. They will be ranked based on the following criteria – Individual Score, Weather, Strength of Event, & Top 5 Finish.

Junior Golf Scoreboard

In order for scores from our events to be included on Junior Golf Scoreboard national rankings, each age group must have at the least five participants who complete at least 36 consecutive holes.

World Amateur Golf Rankings

Requirements for WAGR Ranked Events.

GolfWeek Rankings

Events must have a minimum of 40 boys and 12 girls at the start. The rankings will only count the oldest age division. Multiple divisions may only be combined if all juniors are playing from the same tees and yardages.